Egg packaging: our core activity

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More than 100 years of history

past and present

Eipack was founded by Henk van Hamersveld, who has been involved in the packaging and marketing of eggs from a young age. His grandfather started the egg trade - which he later took over from his father - just after 1900. Henk noticed the increasing demand for direct home sales by poultry farmers and decided to tap into the growing need for a packaging supplier with a complete range for all types of sustainable and custom-made egg packaging, from chicken eggs and quail eggs to chocolate eggs. Since 2022, Henk has been assisted by Jarrin Snetselaar, who has been active in the poultry sector from a young age and is always full of new ideas. Together, they form the executive team of Eipack.

"Putting you at the center and providing assistance wherever needed is the key to our company's success." - Henk van Hamersveld, founder of Eipack.

Present & future

Change is the only constant

In recent years, we have proudly diversified and expanded our business operations, now offering our services in a growing number of European markets including Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. As the demand for sustainable materials increases, with a specific interest in bio-based and fully recyclable packaging, we have taken it upon ourselves to align our product line accordingly. We strongly believe that it is crucial to meet these changing needs, and are delighted to add these sustainable products to our range.

"We believe that there are ample opportunities for every company to distinguish themselves with their packaging - there's something for everyone." - Jarrin Snetselaar.

Curious about the various options?

Eipack specializes in egg packaging. Whether you operate on a large scale or on a smaller scale, we are here for you with our high-quality packaging. Curious about what we can do for you, or ready to place an order? Contact us at +31 342 420 505 or send an email to

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