Large assortment of packaging materials

For eggs and egg products in various types and sizes

Effect printed

Grootte: S - M - L - XL

The Effect of the printed box exudes naturalness and is ideal for use in fresh markets due to its organic appearance.

Available in: 6 - 10


Effect with label

Grootte: S - M - L

The 'Effect with label' boxes are available not only in large quantities but also in small ones. The label can be replaced with a unique design to suit your brand or corporate style as desired.

Available in: 4 - 6 - 10 - 12 - 15 - 18


Nestpack blank

Grootte: S - M - L

Nestpack blank boxes are available in both large and small quantities and have a luxurious appearance that is often associated with the higher segment.

Available in: 4 - 6 - 10 - 12


R-PET transparent egg box

Grootte: S - M - L - XL

Durable, recyclable transparent box for packaging your eggs.

Available in: 2 - 4 - 6 - 6 ster - 6 Jumbo - 10 - 10 Jumbo - 15 - 18 - 20


Sustainable egg packaging with a unique design

Grootte: S - M - L

At Eipack, we cherish creativity, and therefore we offer a wide range of egg packaging options. In addition to the usual choices, we also have special shapes and materials available. Are you looking for something unique? Do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about the possibilities. We are ready to meet your specific packaging needs and create something special together.

Available in: 4 - 6


Blank cardboard outer boxes

Our outer boxes are ideal for packaging your eggs in large quantities, in various sizes and formats. We also offer the option to personalize the boxes with your own logo and appearance.

Available in: 90 - 10 x 10 - 20 x 10 - 180 - 360


Printed cardboard outer boxes

Our outer cases are ideal for packaging your eggs in large quantities, available in various sizes and dimensions. Moreover, we offer the option to customize the boxes with your own logo and design

Available in: 90 - 10 x 10 - 20 x 10 - 180 - 360


Pulp quail egg packaging

Natural appearance quail egg box in various sizes

Available in: 6 - 12 - 18


R-pet transparent quail egg box

Durable, recyclable transparent box for packaging your quail eggs

Available in: 12 - 18


Sustainable Quail egg box

Chic quail egg box in different colors

Available in: 6


Buckets and lids

High-quality buckets for salads and sauces, perfect for packaging liquid food.

Available in: 3.1 - 3.3 - 5.7 - 10.9



With us you can choose from a wide range of labels, including full-color, black/white and seals. We offer these options in different sizes.

Available in: Full color - black / white - Other


Egg trays and family packs

Discover a wide range of egg trays and family packs in different variants and sizes, including matching lids.

Available in: 20 - 25 - 30


Legg-O egg carton

Grootte: S - M - L

Discover our unique egg packaging that stands out both in the store and at home. They inspire children to creative play by functioning as colorful, safe building blocks. Each eco-friendly box contains 8 eggs in sizes S, M or L and is dishwasher safe for safe reuse. Less weight and space saving, they are also beneficial to the environment and transportation efficiency.

Available in: 8


Effect Blank

Grootte: S - M - L

Blank box in different sizes with a closed top.

Available in: 4 - 6 - 9 - 10 - 12


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