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Hatched and ready to fly: Eipack's new brand identity

We are proud to present the refreshed look of Eipack - a visual transformation that underscores our significant growth and evolution. Our new brand identity exudes freshness and modernity, and supports our ongoing efforts to continue growing and innovating.

This boost in Eipack's brand identity not only represents our renewed energy, but also our continuous commitment to making improvements. You can count on our unwavering dedication, expertise, and creativity, and you will experience these positive changes in every aspect of our service.

Egg packaging

Completely according to your own wishes

Our range of egg packaging (small packaging) consists of boxes and egg trays. The boxes for 4, 6, 10, 12, 15 and 18 eggs are suitable for all weight classes. The boxes can be printed or provided with a full-colour label. Completely according to your own wishes.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Wide range available

In addition to small packages, you can also contact us for cardboard boxes (outer boxes, large packages) in which the small packages are packaged.

quail egg packaging

Our specialty

We have a wide selection of quail egg boxes, which are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, quail boxes are increasingly used by chocolate shops for packaging chocolate eggs.

Buckets and lids

Discover our quality

Our buckets are the favorite choice of countless salad and sauce makers, especially large consumers in the catering industry.


Our field

Make your product stand out on the shelf with full color labels or black and white labels and increase your turnover. We are happy to help you develop strategies to achieve this, for both large and small runs. Contact us; we know what should be on the label.

Special packaging

Every egg deserves its own stage - discover our range!

We breathe egg cartons. It is therefore a challenge for us to offer as many types of egg cartons as possible. Contact us for creative egg cartons and discover the possibilities.

Egg trays and family packs

Quality trays for the professional market

Many eggs are sold in trays of 30 and 20. You have come to the right place for these trays. We have various solutions for packaging your eggs on trays. Ask about our samples.

Quality, flexibility, and innovation

We offer the most extensive range of egg packaging in Europe

Our range of egg packaging (small packaging) consists of boxes and egg trays. The boxes for 2,4, 6, 10, 12, 15, and 18 eggs are suitable for all weight classes. The boxes can be printed or provided with a full-color label. Completely according to your own wishes.

Explore the possibilities

Excelling in customization

Are you looking for something special?

Discover our extensive range of egg packaging, from standard boxes to unique designs. We aim to make your egg box shine with a custom-made design. Whether it's for regular eggs or quail eggs, we are happy to assist you with your special packaging needs. With us, you'll find the perfect solution for your eggs.

Ready to explore the possibilities?

Eipack specializes in egg packaging. Whether you operate on a large scale or on a smaller scale, we are here for you with our high-quality packaging. Curious about what we can do for you, or ready to place an order? Contact us at +31 342 420 505 or send an email to

Our dedicated team looks forward to hearing from you!