Legg-O egg carton

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Special versions

Make your product stand out

These unique egg packaging designs are sure to stand out – both in the store and at home, where they inspire children to let their imaginations run wild. With these packages, children can build large, colorful houses, castles, bridges, and much more, providing hours of entertainment.

Safe, colorful, and fun!

The packages are made from environmentally friendly molded plastic. They can be interconnected and safely stacked as building blocks. Each box holds 8 eggs and is suitable for sizes S, M, or L. The packages come in four bright colors, with each package containing all four colors.

For use as toys, the boxes should be washed in a dishwasher at a minimum of 65 °C to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination. It is strongly advised not to sit or stand on the boxes, as they will break under excessive pressure.

Designed with consumer insights

This concept combines the simple, yet powerful insights that 'kids love eggs' and 'kids love toys'. As a result, these packages make eggs even more fascinating for children and promote both healthy eating and healthy play.

Environmentally friendly

The packaging is made from dishwasher-safe polypropylene, allowing it to be reused as building blocks. The packaging weighs less than standard egg cartons and takes up half the space when opened and stacked. An important consideration for home and the environment: the design makes transportation easier and more fuel-efficient.

Product Range

KindNamePackage contentsPack/Pallet
Durable, recyclable transparent box12 pieces840
Durable, recyclable transparent box18 pieces330


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